Pounds of Waste Saved From Landfills

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Recycle Your
Mattress Here Today!

Recycle Your Mattress

  1. Go to our Scheduling page.
  2. Enter your contact information.
  3. Send us your request to be contacted.
  4. We will contact you to schedule a day that is convenient for you.
  5. Sleep better knowing you contributed to a cleaner environment!

    *Our service involves a recycling fee of $70 per piece.
    Payment will be collected when your pickup time is booked.

At this time we only accept mattresses and/or boxsprings.

Please Note:

Any mattresses infected with bedbugs or coming out of a bedbug infested building cannot be recycled. All of our mattresses are recycled into other consumer products (carpet pad, cushions, dog beds, etc..) and cannot be processed if infected with bedbugs.


  • Headboards or footboards of any kind (metal or wood)
  • Hollywood frames or other metal bases
  • Mattresses or box springs/ foundations with Excessive Soiling
  • Water beds, sleep number beds, futons, bunk beds, bed frames
  • Fire damaged mattresses
  • Mattresses that have more than 40% of the surface visibly wet (flood damaged mattresses and/or mattresses left out in the rain.)
  • Bed bug infested mattresses